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High-Quality Hides and Leather

Since we own our own tannery, we can guarantee the quality of our products 

Welcome to our online store for hides and leather. We have hair on hides like: cowhide, bison hide, deer hide, elk hide, angora hide, and more, and leathers like elk chap and cow leather. We even supply raw hide products, for example raw elk, raw horse, raw cow hide, etc. to all sorts of drum and saddle manufacturers.

We have been in this business for over fifty years, starting with the family owned tannery, overseas in South America, in 1959. Due to our capacity and flexibility we can suit all our clients needs with all sorts of our products, for example custom color acid washed hair on products or a certain weight for split suede in a custom color. We can do it while maintaining our highest standards for quality.

Please take the time to review our large collection of quality hides, leather and accesories...

 cow, elk, deer, goat, buffalo, horse, angora, alpaca, calf 

Free shipping on high quality raw cowhides & more, Miami FL

Please call (305)238-8060, or send email to for Wholesale prices.

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